Kathy Calderwood

As an American postmodern artist, Calderwood links Jung’s idea of archetypal psychology with both realistic and neo-surrealistic sensibilities, in an attempt to create a universal visual mythology. With equal parts of humor, reverence, and honesty, she invents her own symbols of behavior based on real life.

At the present time, a new series entitled “Festoons of the Dysfunctional Family” is in the works. In these a single archetypal icon or behavior is extended to incorporate the ever-present influence of the family of origin, on the psyche of the individual.

The small ‘sacramental objects’ paintings are simply bits and pieces of this world, which seem to resonate with the essence of life.

A book of her paintings, Archetypes, the art of Kathy Calderwood, can be ordered by contacting Kathy at 585-924-5087.

Calderwood’s paintings have been exhibited in 27 states, seven European countries, and Japan. Galleries and museums that have featured her work include The Art Institute of Chicago, Los Angeles County Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hirschorn Museum, The Memorial Art Gallery, Charles Rand Penney Collection, The Everson Museum of Art, and American University in DC. Her Archetypes were exhibited at the Florence Biennale in 2011.

She lives and works in upstate New York, near Rochester.

To inquire about Paintings or order books, contact Kathy at 585-924-5087